Wider Bridge guide for Yossi and Jagger

Wider Bridge guide for Yossi and Jagger

yossi and jagger

Yossi is the stoic company commander of an Israeli Defense Forces unit on the Lebanese border. Jagger, who got his nickname thanks to his fun-loving rock star appeal, is the platoon leader. They have a secret. When they walk off in the snow together, it isn’t because they’re on patrol–it’s because they’re lovers. Jagger tells Yossi that he loves him, and longs to hear Yossi say it back to him. Yossi can’t bring himself to make any promises. “This isn’t some American movie,” he tells Jagger…

This “non-American movie” was initially greeted with suspicion by the Israel Army, until hundreds of soldiers began rushing to see it as the film sold out a Tel Aviv cinema for three months. Ohad Knoller (Yossi) won best actor at the Tribeca Film Festival of 2003, and the film ended up being screened in Israeli Army bases.

Pre-screening hand-out

Film guide

Post-screening hand-out

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