Which “People”? A framing of an article by Daniel Gordis

Which “People”? A framing of an article by Daniel Gordis

When looking at Israel through the four Hebrew words, To Be | a People | Free | In Our Land, we are always confronted with the fundamental question: Which “People” are we talking about?

Classic Zionists seemed to refer only to creating a place where the Jewish People might be safe and free in their land. If this is still the case, then we are forced to ask two additional questions of critical importance in these Corona days:

1. Who is part of the Jewish People, and who is not? With whom do we share a common fate, and how do we show solidarity for them in these locked-down days?
2. What then, is the Israeli People? (How) Can it include those who are not Jewish?

A short, pithy blog was in the pipeline. But then Daniel Gordis wrote something more. From the heart to the heart, he drills directly into these fundamental questions. For those of you who rarely read his work, it’s really worth overcoming your tendencies for this one…


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