Zionism in a time of Coronavirus

Zionism in a time of Coronavirus

Zionism wasn’t only about the ingathering of the exiles.

It wasn’t only about returning to the land.

It was also – or even mainly – about creating a State.

In the past few decades it has sometimes been difficult to explain the need for a State at all, let alone a State of the Jews. Why separate oneself out? Why not a United States of the World?

The terrifying spread of Covid 19 is reminding us how a State can play a crucial role in our lives.

A State can act in a way that is appropriate for its people, trying to balance its economy, its freedom, its culture, and its safety.

A State can give us reliable, crucial, life-saving information. (Or fail to do so.)

A State can enforce national restrictions for the good of all. (Or choose not to.)

A State can close down borders, like closing a fire door in a raging blaze. (On time, or too late.)

It doesn’t always succeed in doing these things. But in these days of Corona we can see that there was something to that old idea.

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