Whatsapp in Israel? – Jan 6, 2019

Whatsapp in Israel? – Jan 6, 2019

A) The big news📰 in the region was the targeted assassination🎯 by the US of Iranian General Qasem Solomeini. Solomeini was credited with Iran🇮🇷 spreading her influence and terrorist attacks throughout the region. Read here for how the IDF is reacting.

B) Over 3000 people attended the Siyum HaShas🎊🎉 that was held in Jerusalem to celebrate women who had competed the daf yomi cycle📖.

C) MKs have awarded themselves a pay rise💵of over 5000nis a month. Despite there still being no government and elections looming in March🤑😏.

D) Violent storms ⛈over the weekend resulted in major floods 🚣🏽‍♂ throughout the country and the deaths of four people😞.

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