Whatsapp in Israel? – Jan 6, 2019

Whatsapp in Israel? – Jan 6, 2019

A) The big news???? in the region was the targeted assassination???? by the US of Iranian General Qasem Solomeini. Solomeini was credited with Iran???????? spreading her influence and terrorist attacks throughout the region. Read here for how the IDF is reacting.

B) Over 3000 people attended the Siyum HaShas???????? that was held in Jerusalem to celebrate women who had competed the daf yomi cycle????.

C) MKs have awarded themselves a pay rise????of over 5000nis a month. Despite there still being no government and elections looming in March????????.

D) Violent storms ⛈over the weekend resulted in major floods ????????‍♂ throughout the country and the deaths of four people????.

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