Whatsapp in Israel? – Dec 19, 2019

Whatsapp in Israel? – Dec 19, 2019

Good morning????

A)The high speed rail link???? between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem has finally opened????????. Travel between the two cities will take 28 minutes. The project is 11 years late⏱, let’s hope the trains are a little more punctual????.

B) Prince Charles has accepted an invitation???? from President Rivlin to make his first1⃣ official visit to Israel for the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz????.

C) Russia and Israel are trying to avoid a diplomatic spat???? over entry to their respective countries for citizens????. Many Russians have been denied entry to Israel and vice versa causing tension???? between the two.

D) Gidon Saar is continuing his campaign to defeat????  PM Netanyahu in the Likud primaries????next week.


  1. Why do you think Israel has invested so much effort and money in connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv by rail?
  2. Who do you think will benefit from the rail link?

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