Whatsapp in Israel? – Dec 12, 2019

Whatsapp in Israel? – Dec 12, 2019

Good afternoon????

A) The big but not surprising news???? is that Israelis are heading to the ballots ????for a 3rd general election in a year‼ The exact date???? of the election is still being debated????.

Some great analysis from the JPost here and here .

B) Gidon Saar will be challenging????‍♀ PM Netanyahu in a vote☝???? to see who will be leading the Likud into the elections.

C) Natan Sharansky has won the Genesis Prize????. Listen here???? for our interview???? with him. 

D) Anti-Arab graffiti???? and damage to property was carried out in an Arab village near Haifa. Authorities are investigating???? the attacks.

Discussion questions:

  1. What do you think is causing this malfunction? Is it the system or the players?
  2. What are the disadvantages of Israel holding a 3rd election within a year?
  3. Do you think the Israeli electoral system should change? Why? How?

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