Webinars and Virtual Miniseries


Explaining the Territories

A short intro to the issues in the West Bank/Judea & Samaria

Zionism - The Jewish Renaissance

A brief history of Jewish nationalism from antiquity to today

The Return of the Jewish Question in the West

Why are we seeing so much more antisemitism? What has changed?

History of Jerusalem

Biography of a 5,000 year old city

Israeli Politics: I don’t get it

Breakdown the Israeli political system, debate its pros and cons, discuss where the political currents are flowing and what the Israeli political map may look like in the future.

21st Century Challenges for Israel society

What are the main challenges facing Israeli society in the coming decades? This session analyses societal trends, issues within the Jewish world, and long-term national security threats.

Israel Update

How does today’s news fit into the local political context and the greater geopolitical challenges and opportunities facing Israel.

The US-Israel Relationship

Why are the United States and Israeli governments so close? This session will explore the many layers of the US/Israel Relationship and discuss where it may be headed in the future.

Israeli Jewishness and Diaspora Jewishness: Are we one people?

Why is one people’s Jewishness rooted in ethno-nationalism and another rooted in liberal-religious values? Discuss the trends in how the two largest Jewish communities understand what it means to be a Jew in the 21st century and how that impacts the future of the Jewish people.

Three Part Virtual Mini-Series:

Zionism & Liberalism - Can it Work?

“Progressive”, “Liberal” “Zionist”, these are terms that we hear and use every day, but do we really know what they mean? How do they interface with each other? Are they contradictory? Is there overlap between them? We have put together this seminar to help open a conversation to explore the terms and to begin to answer some of these questions.

Israel and the Middle East: Geostrategic Threats and Opportunities​

On the one hand, the IDF is the most powerful army in the region and opportunities abound for Israel to expand its influence. At the same time, several significant threats – from Iran, Hezbollah and the consequences of the Arab Spring, provide significant challenges to Israel. This session looks at these challenges and opportunities. ​

Good Controversy Seminar

This 3-part series is aimed at teaching participants about how to engage in “good controversy,” with Israel as the subject for discussion. We will discuss and model how to “argue for the sake of Heaven” in a society where “yes, and” and “safe spaces” are the norm. In this workshop, we will teach our signature framework for understanding disagreements about Israel – the Four Hatikvah Questions. We will then help participants get more comfortable with differences of opinions, enabling them to engage in deeper, meaningful conversations. And finally, we will activate participants to practice using this framework, to help them analyse their own viewpoints to understand how they differ from other viewpoints

“To be a People Free In Our Land” - להיות עם חופשי בארצנו

What does it mean “to be a free nation in our land?”  This mini series will be a deep dive into the penultimate line of the Hatikva.


In these times of corona, Makom is keeping you connected to Israel with a series of weekly online classes on various topics. All are welcome to join us on Wednesdays, 8PM IST, 1 PM EST, 10 PST on this Zoom link.

On March 25th , we discussed "The Jewish question and has it come back?" Please click here to check out the video of the webinar.