פתאום קם אדם בבוקר ומרגיש כי הוא עם ומתחיל ללכת – אמיר גלבוע

A man awakes suddenly in the morning and feels he is a nation and begins to walk– Amir Gilboa

 Seminar Goals and Program Rationale:

The first international MiNYanim seminar will focus on the value of Jewish People and Collective Responsibility. The seminar, which will be attended by about 50 participants from Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Serbia, Romania and Russia, is planned to provide an opportunity for meaningful engagement between young Jewish leaders around these core values.

While the itinerary of this three-day seminar includes intensive content-driven discussions, it also provides opportunities for shared celebrations of Purim and Shabbat, as well as joint experiential/ interactive activities (like a Purim mask session, a Warsaw community scavenger hunt), and lastly, but just as important, provides an opportunity for networking and socializing between the participants. In this way, the medium is the message: the very gathering of these groups together is already a benchmark towards succeeding in achieving the MiNYanim project goals.

While Peoplehood and Collective Responsibility are the central goals for this seminar, other themes drawn from the larger MiNYanim vision will also be touched upon. Participants will have an opportunity to explore and think about their Jewish identities, to engage in Jewish learning, to encounter the local Warsaw Jewish society, encounter Israeli culture, and receive initial guidelines and information on the upcoming communal project initiatives.

The overarching goal of this first MiNYanim seminar of 2013 is to encounter and nurture the values of Jewish Peoplehood and Collective Responsibility.

During this seminar, participants will:
  1. Meet and interact in a meaningful way with Jews from other communities
  2. Be exposed to the concepts of Peoplehood and Collective Responsibility
  3. Be encouraged to explore and commit to the values of Jewish Peoplehood and Collective Responsibility.
  4. Be encouraged to explore their personal connections to the collective Jewish narratives of the past, present, and future.

 This seminar is the first of three opportunities for this cohort of participants to interact, and develop relationships that begin over this year, and hopefully carry on into future years

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