Virtual Learning Opportunities

Makom’s Gap-Year Israel Educator Team is Offering Virtual Learning Opportunities for Students

During our months of “sheltering at home,” Makom is offering several ways of engaging with big questions and ideas, through several online Israel education programs. Are you:

      • Someone who had an Israel program cut short or canceled altogether?
      • An educator trying to offer new and exciting material to your high school or college students?
      • An adult whose looking for something more educational than Netflix?

If you are interested in having our team lead one of these program offerings listed below to your organization, school, or group of friends, please email our Gap Year Director Benji Davis at

This fellowship offers an opportunity for young Jewish students to learn with our senior Israel education team and from leading Israeli thought leaders to become an active leader in their communities, camps, youth groups, schools or campuses on how we understand, discuss and relate to Israel as an idea, value and modern nation-state of the Jewish people. By developing expertise in the issues and the practical tools to lead educational programming, our fellows will be empowered to lead the “Israel conversation” for the next generation. For more information, please click here on our IMPACT Israel Fellowship website. 

Our Challenging Israel Course seeks to address the challenge of “Why Israel” for students by facilitating a course that enables students to gain knowledge about Israel, while encouraging inquiry and inquisitiveness. As opposed to advocacy courses, we focus less on knowing what to answer in a debate and more on understanding the source of conflict and the political identity of both Zionists and Palestinians to help students come to their own conclusions about Israel, the conflict and their own identities.To review our syllabus, please click here. Our course can be offered through live Zoom classes or through asynchronous learning through the Moodle platform.

Makom Israel can offer multiple opportunities for students to continue learning about Zionism, Modern Israel, Israeli Politics, the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Jewish Peoplehood through one time or a mini series of webinars. Please click here to see the listing of our webinar offerings.