Useful contacts

Useful contacts

This will always be an uncomplete list. Please add other names by way of comment below, and we will add them to the main body of text.

Oleh! Records – a company specifically catering for Israeli bands abroad.

Makom – the place for compelling Israel education. Can offer advice on impactful bands, and ways to integrate your event into the community’s consciousness.

The Cultural Department of Israel’s New York Consulate is run by extremely helpful experts in Israeli arts. You will need to connect through your local Consulate, but the calendar in New York is still always a useful resource.

David Azulay – one of the largest and most experienced producers of Israeli music in North America.

Goldenland Concerts and Connections – a large and experienced producer of Jewish and Israeli music in North America. Worth checking their tour alerts, here.

Labeleh – represents some cool Israeli acts such as HaBanot Nechama, Din Din Aviv.

Taste of Israel – has the look of a comprehensive website, but not clear how active they are these days…

Globalev – representing Mosh Ben Ari, Alma Zohar, and various other spiritual/Galilean/ambient/dance projects

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