If you are not doing a free show or door deal then you need to have a plan for ticketing your show. Most established clubs and venues have their preferred method of selling tickets, box office, online, network of community representatives etc.

You can also arrange to print your own batch of tickets in order to control the points of sale and have a closer eye on the amount of sales being made during the campaign leading up to the show.

There is only one rule to ticketing –  don’t oversell a show unless you want to have a safety hazard and permit problems on the day of the show, not to mention angry concert-goers picketing outside your concert.

You need a verifiable accounting system of how you are distributing the tickets, and in some cases employ a security measure (hologram/stamp/barcode) to guard against counterfeiting. In most cases very few people will go to such extreme measures to create fake tickets for an Israeli event!

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