Tear Sheeting

Tear Sheeting

It is customary to produce a clip book for the artist/tour manager of all the press and articles, reviews, and interviews as well as advertisements you achieved on behalf of the act. It’s best to provide this before the performance to impress upon the musician how much you invested in developing their career in your market.

The purpose of this is not only for you to keep on record for the next time you approach an act to perform in your community, but also to show the musicians  how serious you were about developing their presence in your market place. This will almost always guarantee a lasting relationship with the artist and elicit loyalty should the artist ever be available to perform in your neck of the woods down the road.

If you are able to get reviews and write ups during the event, and the press only becomes available after the band heads back to Israel, prepare a digital tear sheet pdf, and send to their manager/representative.

The secret to successful productions no matter how big or small has a lot to do with the relationships you build with the artists. The musicians themselves will be undoubtably grateful for the work that you have done no matter what the final outcome may be.

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