What would a woman do? Makom video salon had an answer

In the lightness of Purim, and the echoes of International Women's Day, we'll just put this here... A baby also intruded on a Makom video salon between MK Rachel Azaria, and R. Marcelo Bronstein of Bnei Jeshurun. But no one knew until afterwards. What was Azaria's secret? Read on...

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Catching up on the Kotel – background materials for you

Significant changes are afoot in Jerusalem, as the Israeli government has agreed an "historic compromise". Back in 2013, as these shifts were being mooted, we produced some materials exploring Jewish attachments to the Western Wall.

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Jacqueline Nicholls

The status of women is a problem not just within Israel, and definitely not just not in the right-wing religious community, although they are particularly vociferous.

I’m interested in knowing how Israeli society, the secular one, portrays women. Here in the UK women’s voices are noticably in the minority in current affairs programmes, what is the gender balance in the Israeli media?

Are women’s abilities acknowledged with a balanced shortlist for literary, sporting cultural awards? Or, like the all male shortlist for this year’s BBC’s Sports’ Personality of the Year, are their achievements overlooked? Are Israeli toy manufacturers and retailers behaving similar to Lego, who have started to market products to girls by emphasising the importance to be pretty and pink?


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Elka Abrahamson

I am a woman of tremendous faith.

I am a rabbi.

My steadfast faith tells me that I am strengthening the Jewish world through my work on behalf of the Jewish People.

It also has me believing that the day will come when Israel, a place I love with a full heart, will give to me, to my 2 daughters what it offers my 2 sons…equal right to sidewalks, bus seats, singing of songs, equal space at the kotel and full faced presence in public space.

This is not too strange a vision, is it? (more…)

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Shelter from the Storm: Bat Melech-Miklat

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Nowhere to go for Victims of Domestic Violence

A Global Problem with Particular Needs

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) between 20-50% of all women will be subject to domestic violence in some form during their lives.

In Israel, there are 14 women’s shelters to deal with this problem. However, Orthodox women in abusive relationships often do not take advantage of social services provided for them by the state. They fear the stigma associated generally with welfare services in the Orthodox community. They also have special religious needs, and more children than the average battered woman. In spite of the challenges, the number of religious women seeking help is on the rise. The number of religious women who called domestic abuse hotlines nearly tripled from 477 in 2004 to 1,402 in 2007.


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Challenging the Status Quo

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Women at the Temple Margins

If you have been to the Western Wall recently, you may have noticed that the women’s section is markedly smaller than the men’s section, despite the fact that the number of visitors on both sides is approximately the same. This leaves many women feeling disrespected, not to mention uncomfortable, while praying at one of the most holy sites of the Jewish people.


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