LGBTQ Film Festival with A Wider Bridge

A Wider Bridge, the awesome organization for building LGBTQ relations with Israel commissioned us to build the educational envelope around five Israeli films addressing the community. Together we chose two feature films, two documentaries, and one episode of a TV drama series.

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The complexities of Gaza – film guide to “Precious Life”

In 2010 the Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar made a documentary about a Gazan family that brings their baby for a life-saving transplant in an Israeli hospital. The movie is built with great sensitivity and an eye for painful irony and complexity galore. We have created a discussion guide for the film.

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Metallic Blues

Shmuel Goldberg is a 40-something Israeli, the son of Holocaust survivors, who was raised with an aversion to all things German — German products, German culture. And of course, he was taught never to visit Germany.

But when a man enters his used car lot wanting to sell a collector’s-item 1985 metallic blue Lincoln Continental, which would bring in a cool profit if Shmuel would only transport the car to Germany for resale, Shmuel smells a “big score”… and can’t resist. (more…)

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Waltz with Bashir Film Guide

Waltz with Bashir is an astonishing work of art that sets fire to the deep human questions emerging from contemporary Israel. In our desire to encourage the Jewish world to engage with Israel through 'hugging and wrestling', we developed the Makom Film Guide for Waltz with Bashir.

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