Sound man

Sound man

This is the most important role in the production.

The sound man is responsible for organizing the band’s sound check, and live performance so that the sonic caliber both on stage (for the musicians) and off stage (for the audience) is mixed well.

The sound man will also correspond with the band’s technical representative a few weeks before the show as well as the venue’s stage technical/stage manager to ensure all of the equipment is ready, and ultimately to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Most venues/music clubs have a house sound man, the house soundman is intimately familiar with that particular venues’ acoustics and sound board. If you were able to negotiate that the artist’s sound man will not be coming from Israel to the event, then you will have to find a responsible local sound man: Check with the venue first, as this is your best option.

It is never advisable to bring a friend that “knows sound” to cut his teeth for the first time on your show. If the sound is bad, the show will be bad. If the gear requested by the artists is not adequate, then then the band will perform poorly, or in extreme situations refuse to perform at all.

The sound man is the unsung hero of the evening an can make or break a performance.

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