Settling the show

Settling the show

At the end of the evening, after the last encore has been performed – you are all but finished with your production.

Before the artist leaves the venue – you will be expected to settle the show.

Typically a final sum of money will be due to the performing artist after they fulfilled their contract and obligation to perform. If you require any tax forms or identification, the arti/tour manager must provide these details and sign off on a settlement as to show that you are now free and clear of owing any additional sums of money.

You should prepare a short document/contract which they will sign showing proof of payment.

Also – if there are additional expenses that you incurred during the evening, or are owed a percentage of the merchandise sold by the artist on the evening – this should be settled as well.

If you and the musicians still have a bit of energy, and the night is still feeling young, you might arrange to go out for a celebratory drink – assuming your show was a great success!

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