Re-Imagining an Israel-Engaged Synagogue

Re-Imagining an Israel-Engaged Synagogue

How does Israel live in my synagogue?

Synagogues are recognizing that integrating Israel engagement into the full program and life of the congregation strengthens a more holistic approach to Jewish identity.

Part 1: What are the characteristics of an Israel-engaged congregation? How does a congregation identify the opportunities and threats in integrating Israel in its life?

Using the tool, Six Lenses of Synagogue Life, participants look at congregational mission statements regarding Israel to begin their analysis of where Israel currently sits in their synagogue, and to consider opportunities and challenges for new and deeper engagement.

Part 2: Tools for beginning the conversation: Audits and surveys.

Participants take with them the following resources:

• Six Lenses of Congregational Life

• Congregational audit

• Sample baseline survey questions


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