Part 3: To Be a Free People in One’s Land

Part 3: To Be a Free People in One’s Land

We propose designing this curriculum with the pedagogic framework based on the penultimate line from Israel’s national anthem, Hatikva: “Lihiyot Am Chofshi B’Artzenu/ B’artzam” – “To be a free people in our/one’s land”. This framework breaks down the phrase into 4 core values (To be, free, a People, in one’s land) which assumes that the creation of the State of Israel introduced a unique reality that has brought to life this combination of values into the Jewish world. Only since 1948 have Jews been able to live in the land of the Tanach, free to govern themselves and other citizens democratically, committed to creatively interpret Jewish culture and to connect to Jews globally in order to make a collective Jewish contribution to the world. This perspective allows us to focus on the four features of Zionism that together frame the new Jewish existence. An understanding of these values can deepen and enrich the larger Jewish experience, particularly in the area of service and tikkun olam.

This curriculum tries to look at the meeting place between the Jewish collective, the Zionist collective, and our responsibility as players in the universal arena. The program will provide participants with a mirror and a window- an opportunity to encourage them to look both outwards and inwards to learn, and then reevaluate what our role is as a People in the world.

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