Part 2: Shabbat

Part 2: Shabbat


Shabbat is a palace in time. It is the Jewish embodiment of core worldly values such as sustainability, harmony with the environment and human rest. In this curriculum, each session explores a different aspect, value or idea which connects Judaism, global values and Shabbat. Each session opens with extracts from secular and Jewish literature, identifying a challenge related to issues of work, rest, materialism and spirituality. This will be followed by a series of questions/activities inviting the participants to explore the relevance of that issue to their own everyday lives, their experience in Africa and the goals of Zionism. The texts will provide opportunities for deep thought and intimate sharing of ideas, ideals, hopes and fears.

  1. Participants will consider the place of Shabbat in the life of individual Jews, the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
  2. Participants will engage in reflection on their own Jewish identity, their relationship to the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
  3. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Jewish philosophy and tradition as it relates to work, leisure, Shabbat and the State of Israel.
  4. Participants will bond together as a group through shared reflection and discussion.

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