Seminars in Israel

Makom’s teams of Israel educators lead seminars in Israel ranging from half-day to full week experiences. We are happy to offer you these seminars or build them with you for your team of learners, educator or professionals. 

Occupation & Homeland – Exploring Zionism, Palestinian Identity & The Conflict

In this course, we’ll explore, address, and learn about multiple perspectives through first-hand meetings with Israelis and Palestinians and respectful dialogue. As we journey through the complexity of Israel, we will not be scared by any “elephant in the room.” Rather these challenging topics and questions will serve as our guide to explore the conflict, learn what the word “occupation” means to affected communities, and understand the borders that play such a key role in the everyday lives of the people who live inside and outside of them. This exciting new program, a three, four or five day seminar, will feature visits to Israeli settlements and Palestinian villages, meetings with residents and community leaders, encounters with activists and change-makers, tours of borders and holy sites, and open conversation to help make sense of the complexities faced by Palestinians and Israelis. For inquiries, please reach out to us at

Jerusalem as a case study of the Conflict

This one-day seminar will be based on four major components.The first part will be an introduction and background session which will give the participants an outline of the geopolitical situation in Israel. This part will introduce the main issues facing the Israeli government and its people, the debates around some of those issues and crucially provide the participants with an initial understanding of how we got to where we are today. The second component will be the security, borders and conflict tour of Jerusalem which will provide the participants with an in-depth look at the complexities involved with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel's place in the wider Middle East. The third component will be hearing from local Zionist Israeli and Palestinian Arab speakers to hear their personal narratives and perspectives on the issues that have been talked about throughout the day. The meeting will be interactive and give the participants the opportunity to ask questions and develop a dialogue with each speaker. The fourth and final component will be a closing processing session to reflect, discuss and debate the challenges and issues raised during the seminar. For inquiries, please reach out to us at

Good Controversy Seminar

This 3-part series or full-day session is aimed at teaching participants about how engage in “good controversy,” with Israel as the subject for discussion. We will discuss and model how to “argue for the sake of Heaven” in a society where “yes, and” and “safe spaces” are the norm. In this workshop, we will teach our signature framework for understanding disagreements about Israel – the Four Hatikvah Questions. We will then help participants get more comfortable with differences of opinions, enabling them to engage in deeper more meaningful conversations. And finally, we will activate participants to practice using this framework, to help them analyze their own viewpoints to understand how they differ from other viewpoints. For inquiries, please reach out to us at

Zionism & Liberalism - Can We Make it Work?

"Progressive", "Liberal" "Zionist", these are terms that we hear and use every day , but do we really know what they mean? How do they interface with each other? Are they contradictory? Is there overlap between them? We have put together this seminar to help open up a conversation to explore the terms and to begin to answer some of these questions. We have provided a guide and materials to run a three-part seminar on the topic that can be done on one or multiple days. Each session builds upon the topic from the prior session and can be peer-led, lay-led or led by professional educators. For inquiries, please reach out to us at