Jewish Peoplehood Workshops

Makom has developed educational frameworks and models to help students, educators and Jewish communal professionals explore the concept of Jewish peoplehood and how it impact their identities. Invite us to lead any of these workshops for your learning or teaching communities. 

Gesher Tzar Maod - Building Bridges between American & Israeli Jews

Through the three gates of peoplehood, this is a hands-on workshop to build a bridge between Israeli and American Jews, from the young participant to the seasoned educator. How can we create a common language so we can understand our shared experience as Jews? This workshop will deepen discourse and conversation between Israeli and American Jewish participants - making Jewish Peoplehood a reality by creating a common language among Israeli and American Jews.

Accessing the Language of Jewish Peoplehood

This workshop is impactful for Jews of all backgrounds and ages to have a shared language on belonging to the Jewish people. It will help create broader understandings of the diverse ways that the big tent of Jews relates to being a part of the same people, with their different values, identities and perceptions. We all relate to Jewish peoplehood through -- 1) Tradition 2) Family and 3) Values -- but we may do it in different ways. So even if we do it differently, these are three fundamental foundation stones of the Jewish people, from the secular-atheist to the believing Ultra-Orthodox.