The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Education Course

‘Exploring Settlements, Territories, and Green Lines’ is an online, cohort-based course that enables people involved in Jewish and Israel education to develop a more nuanced and multi-dimensional understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Through the course, participants:

  • Engage in live, online conversations with Israelis and Palestinians from across the political spectrum.
  • Experience virtual, immersive tours of some of the conflict’s hotspots.
  • Discuss and process experiences and thoughts with cohort peers and program staff.
  • Learn new skills and tools to facilitate potentially charged and challenging conversations on the conflict.

2021 saw us successfully launch the course and run three cohorts for 60 North American educators. In early evaluation findings by Rosov Consulting, participants shared that they felt they had gained new knowledge and understanding, even when they came to the course with extensive prior familiarity with the content. Almost all felt strongly that they gained an ability to incorporate new ideas into their own educational programs. Participants also noted that they felt comfortable sharing their thinking and perspectives on various issues. 

We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding the program in 2022.

Our 2022 Schedule:

All sessions will run from 12:30-2:30pm Eastern / 9:30-11:30 am Pacific: 

Click here to register for one of the cohorts.

For more information, contact the Program Manager, Danny Weininger:

We have a set of dates reserved in the Fall/Winter 2022 for a local cross-organizational cohort – if you’re interested in finding out more, please contact Danny at DannyW@Jafi.or

"Through participating in the program I have gained a deeper appreciation and empathy towards individuals on all sides of the conflict. I learned different protocols for engaging in dialogue across differences. I was challenged at times by the thoughts and perspectives that were being discussed, but was able to appreciate the opportunity to engage with the people who held these differing views."
Shoshana Gibbor
Director of Birthright & Israel Engagement at MIT Hillel, 2021 cohort participant