Educational Seminar – Israeli President’s Residence

The Four Tribes: An Educational Experience at the Home of the Israeli President

For the first time in decades, President Rivlin has opened the gates of the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, with the establishment of the Visitors and Workshops Center. Since its opening, tens of thousands of visitors from the many diverse sectors in Israeli society have been able to visit the nation’s house.

Now, thanks to a unique partnership, Makom have become the first, and exclusive, providers of tours and educational programs in the President’s Residence for English speakers. Whether you’re a a Birthright group, a study abroad experience, Onward Israel or Masa, gap year, Yeshiva or Midrasha, synagogue, federation or organizational mission, we will tailor the visit to suit your needs, at your level.

This exciting initiative can form the core of any Israel experience or program with its unique mixture of vital Israel education, expert facilitation from top Israel educators and discovery of President Rivlin’s Israeli Hope (Four Tribes) vision – one of the most relevant, innovative and change-making ventures in Israel today.

Here’s what you can accomplish in a group visit:

  • Tour of the Residence, including the room for state ceremonies. Here, visitors learn about the institution and role of the Presidency in Israel today. The tour is augmented by personal audio guides, encouraging visitors to explore further the world of each of Israel’s presidents.
  • Interactive onsite workshop learning about the Four Tribes of Israeli Society – Arab, Charedi, Religious Zionist and Secular – and how President Rivlin’s Israeli Hope mission is transforming the way Israeli society will function over the coming decades.
  • Engaging discussions on topics such as: What will Israeli society look like when there is no longer a Zionist majority? How can Israel remain a Jewish and democratic state, and what will those definitions mean? What is the next great mission of Zionism? All these discussions are facilitated by dynamic, expert and non-partisan, educators.

Practical Info:

  • Cost: 24 Shekels per person (Minimum fee per group = 700 Shekels)
  • Timing: 2 hours 15 mins, comprising security check (15-30 mins), tour (45 mins) & workshop (60 mins)
  • Age: 17+
  • To book: Contact Michael Rainsbury at or +972 52 6000 169 to coordinate and book the visit