Educational Seminar – Israeli President’s Residence

The Four Tribes: An Educational Experience at the Home of the Israeli President

For the first time in decades, President Rivlin has opened the gates of the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, with the establishment of the Visitors and Workshops Center. Since its opening, tens of thousands of visitors from the many diverse sectors in Israeli society have been able to visit the nation’s house.

Thanks to a unique opportunity, The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Makom is, for the first time, offering educational workshops in the President’s Residence for English speakers. 

Whilst we hope to launch this exciting project on site, we are currently offering a version of this high-quality program via Zoom. This unit on Israeli society, as described below, is designed for age 15+, can form the core of any Israel education curriculum, and is one of the most relevant, engaging and innovative ventures taking place in Israel today.

Part 1: Live tour of the President’s Residence (30 mins)

  • Live ‘highlights’ tour of the President’s Residence, including the statues of each former President and the hall for state ceremonies (please note that if there are private events, we will not be able to offer a complete tour).
  • Through these sites we will introduce the role of the President, discuss notable former Presidents and explore the fascinating relationship between Israeli Presidents and society.

Part 2: Israeli Hope Workshop (60 mins)

  • Powerful, interactive workshop about President Rivlin’s ‘Four Tribes’ model for Israeli society, and how his ‘Israeli Hope’ project is meeting demographic and ideological challenges head-on.
  • Facilitated non-partisan discussions on complex issues within Israeli identity and society, such as: How can Israel remain a Jewish and democratic state, and what will those definitions mean? How will Israel adapt to the new demographic reality, and what effect will that have on Israel’s values? What is the next great mission of Zionism?
  • Run by dynamic, experienced and expert teachers, who will use Zoom effectively as a teaching tool to maximize learning and ensure a smooth, professional workshop.

Part 3: Student Project (follow-up)

  • As a follow-up, students will create online content raising awareness of Israeli Hope through the mediums of film, animation, blog, viral campaigns etc. Submissions will be judged and there will be prizes for the top three entrants.

The cost of this facilitated workshop is $250.

Please note that the ‘live tour’ is dependent on government health regulations at the time of the tour, and if we are only able to offer the workshop, the cost will be adjusted accordingly.

Prior to the program, there will be an arranged call between a representative of your institution and the Makom educator prior to the session. 

To book, please contact Michael Rainsbury at or +972 52 6000 169.