You are invited to the home of the Israeli President for an unforgettable educational experience.

For the first time, Makom: The Jewish Agency for Israel Education Lab is offering English-language tours of the President’s Residence and workshops on the ‘Israeli Hope’ project of Former President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, online via Zoom.


In our ‘behind the scenes’ tour at the heart of Israel’s symbolic home, you will:

  • Discover more about the history and role of the Israeli presidency.
  • Meet notable former presidents and learn about their impact and influence.
  • Explore the fascinating relationships between the presidents, Israeli society, and the Jewish world.


‘Israeli Hope’ is the flagship vision for Israeli society of former President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin. Highlighting demographic trends, he notes how Israel is transforming from a country with a secular Jewish majority and several minority groups to a country comprising four sectors, or ‘tribes’, of a similar size: Secular Jews, Religious Zionists, Haredim and Arabs. Our workshop will facilitate non-partisan discussions on the complex issues this will raise within Israeli identity and society:

  • How can Israel ensure that its future is both Jewish and democratic?
  • What will those definitions mean for Israel and the Jewish and Zionist identities of Jews around the world?
  • How will Israel adapt to the new demographic reality of the ‘Four Tribes’, and what effect will that have on Israel’s values?
  • What is the next great mission of Zionism?

The ‘Israeli Hope’ blueprint envisions each tribe preserving its unique identity and values while also engaging with these questions and investing in Israel’s future through shared citizenship programs.

We will explore how this innovative project is transforming Israeli society and how it offers a new paradigm for the relationship between Israel and the Jewish world.

Sessions are delivered by dynamic educators, expert in guiding and using Zoom effectively as a teaching tool, tailored for each group. It is appropriate for varied educational and communal settings, including adults, students, and youth (13+).


1.5 hours for the online session.

Program Cost:

$250 per group (Please note that no payment is made towards the Office of the President, which does not charge for tours.)

To book, or for more info, please contact Michael Rainsbury at or +972 52 6000 16

"I would highly recommend the President's Residence Tour & Israeli Hope Workshop to any community looking to provide meaningful and special Israel engagement for their audience. One of my favorite things about this tour is that it provided something different and never-before seen for individuals who have been to Israel multiple times. And, if you had never been to Israel, it was a beautiful introduction to the State. As a tour guide, Michael is full of knowledge but more importantly, passion, which makes the tour interesting and enjoyable. Our donors truly loved this one-of-a-kind tour and will be talking about until we can travel to Israel in person again!
Amy Bornstein
Manager, Major Gifts, St Louis Jewish Federation