Programs & Services

We are the only Israel based Israel education team developing curricular and pedagogic frameworks for the English-speaking Jewish landscape. Easily adaptable for multiple audience – young students, travelers, educators and Jewish community professionals – we offer a diverse selection of Israel education offerings from our expert team.

Through a tour and a dynamic educational program focused on the President’s vision of Israel’s four tribes – Secular Jews, Religious Jews, Arabs and Ultra-Orthodox Jews – you will gain a deeper understanding of Israeli society. To book, please email Michael Rainsbury –

We plan deep-dive experiences into issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli Arts & Culture, and the divide between the religious and secular in Israel. You are invited to learn more about our signature seminars – such as “Occupation & Homeland – Exploring Zionism, Palestinian Identity & The Conflict,” Jerusalem as a case study of the conflict,” “Good Controversy Seminar,” and “Zionism & Liberalism – can we make it work?”If you’re interested in designing a custom study experience of Israel — ranging from one to ten days, email

It is an exploration of Zionism and Israel through history, culture, politics, current events, and more. Students have the opportunity to examine multiple narratives, ask tough questions, engage in real conversations with their teachers and peers. This course is currently taught at 20+ Gap-Year Programs. If you’re interested in organizing this course for your institution — we can provide modules ranging from 8 to 16 hours — please contact

Invite a Makom Israel educator to run a 90-minute interactive, multimedia session on a multitude of topics, such as, “Conflict of Narratives or Narrative of Conflict,” “21st Century Challenges for Israeli Society,” “Religion and State in Israel,” among other sessions. Please click here to learn more about these sessions.  Email if you’d like to schedule a session or build an original one for your audience. 

Makom has developed educational frameworks and models to help students, educators and Jewish communal professionals explore the concept of Jewish peoplehood and how it impact their identities. Invite us to lead any of these workshops for your learning or teaching communities. 

Rooted in the The Four Hatikva Questions (4HQ) educational model, our Israel Educator Training Workshops provide an easily communicable, easily replicable, and easy-to-implement way to enable Jews of all ages to grasp the nature of Israel in modern Jewish life. Makom offers training seminars for communities, organizations and educational institutions built and customized according to specific needs, which enables educations to facilitate conversations and create and teach customized lessons. Please click here to learn more or email us to to inquire about our trainings at