Programs & Services

Experiential Training for Educators on how to engage your students with Israel.​

Current and past partners include: Moishe House, Jewish Education Project, Hillel International, The Hebrew Public Charter School. To create a partnership, email us at

Israel-based Experiences that enable our participants to delve into the beautiful and challenging complexity of Israel.

Makom can plan your whole trip or part of your trip experience. We plan deep-dive experiences into issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli Arts & Culture, and the divide between the religious and secular in Israel. For information on our signature trip for adults, visit If you're interested in designing a custom study experience of Israel -- ranging from one to ten days, email

Challenging Israel Course is not just a course about Israel.

It is an exploration of Zionism and Israel through history, culture, politics, current events, and more. Students have the opportunity to examine multiple narratives, ask tough questions, engage in real conversations with their teachers and peers. This course is currently taught at 20+ Gap-Year Programs. If you're interested in organizing this course for your institution -- we can provide modules ranging from 8 to 16 hours -- please contact

Customized Workshops & Trainings at your organization or conference.

We offer a range of programs, including: Teaching the "O"-word (Occupation); Playback Theater on making decisions about Israel content; Squaring Liberalism & Nationalism: Is it Possible?; 4HatikvahQuestions: How to lead existential conversations about Israel and beyond. Email us at

Consultations & Frameworks

We can help frame your educational ideas, by teaching your team new ways of thinking about Israel education. Email us at

Are you an Israeli organization, struggling to inculcate the notion of Jewish peoplehood?

Makom offers consultations and content on this topic. Email

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