Podcast 150 – A Soldier on the Gaza Border

Podcast 150 – A Soldier on the Gaza Border

Once again, hundreds of rockets are launched at Israel by Islamic Jihad in Gaza. After reviewing and explaining this particular round of the conflict, Alan and Mike interview Eli Goldman. Eli recently finished his IDF army service, and explains what its like to serve on the Gaza border during rocket attacks and mass “protests”.

Who was Baha Abu al-Ata? What’s the difference between Islamic Jihad and Hamas? How and why is Israel helping Hamas out? How do soldiers keep safe under fire? How do they protect civilian lives? What does it feel like to be in such close proximity to terrorists? How does it feel to be at home this time watching the conflict on tv instead of from your army base.

So many questions! Join us for answers!

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This episode was recorded at the amazing Ben Wallick Studios. Ben is the best!

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