Passover and the Cultivation of Empathy

Passover and the Cultivation of Empathy

“Don’t you know, each day and age, one and all must see himself, as though having escaped Egypt?”
Alma Zohar, “From Egypt”

Passover takes us back to when we were enslaved and oppressed and asks us to feel empathy for those who are suffering.

This year we’re celebrating Passover at a time when the global pandemic and the recent elections (both in the US and in Israel), have highlighted and exacerbated the many fractures, injustices, and divisions in our societies.

Our world urgently needs more empathy, mutual understanding, and connection. As Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove remarked in a recent Makom Salon conversation, “Right now, we’re all operating in our own silos… I don’t think there’s any substitute for just recognizing the humanity of another person.”

Passover reminds us of the importance of talking, listening, and connecting to people who think differently from us. It demands that we ask challenging questions, engage with a multiplicity of narratives, and reconnect with each other.

The cultivation of empathy and mutual respect lies at the core of Makom’s work. In all our programs and content, we strive to bring together diverse groups of people, explore different narratives, foster meaningful conversations, ask challenging questions, and nurture a deeper connection to Israel.

We could not do this work without your ongoing support and interest. Thank you for being part of the Makom family, and for joining us as we hug and wrestle with Israel.

Wishing you a meaningful, healthy, and joyful Pesach.

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