When you are thinking about producing an event, payment is a key aspect of any deal you will structure.

In most cases you will be expected to transfer a minimum sum of the full price agreed upon signing the deal memo, in order to confirm the artist for your particular engagement.

Typically, you will be expected to transfer approximately 50% of the sum of the performance fee upon signing the contract (or with in a limited time period 5-10 business days of signing)

The remaining amount is to be paid either just before or usually after the engagement (on the day of the event). You should establish in the formal signing agreement or deal memo how the payment will be made and in which currency (either NIS or USD).

It is recommended to pay in the form of bank transfer and not in cash, if at all possible; however there are other variables including legal restrictions and tax laws that come into play which will be discussed briefly in this guide in other sections, sometimes cash is preferable by all parties involved.

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