One-off engagement?

One-off engagement?

The One Off engagement is the most costly show that you could possibly put on – this means that you have a specific date for a particular event and you have an artist/act from Israel that is flying to your community and doing the 12 hour transatlantic shuffle for a single performance and then returning back to Israel the next day.

All costs of international travel or the risk of taking these costs alone on the production are yours alone.

However, if you were to work within your regional community with others promoters like yourself in order to package an offer with several gigs, you can defray the expensive travel costs like artist visas and international flights.

If an artist receives 3 offers for the same week by the same promoter, they are highly likely to reduce their per show fee because they are guaranteed 3 shows as opposed to one.

(Often community presenters would like to know “what’s already in the US during this month or that?” This is a short sighted approach, because in the long run, trying to find an artist that is performing a one off and then piggy backing on another community’s budget will lead to trouble down the road.)

One Off’s are only useful if the date is not flexible and you as a promoter must have a specific artist for a specific event. Otherwise the package deal is the better option if you can swing it.

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