Bein Adam L’Morashto – Between a Jew and his heritage

בין אדם למורשתו

The Jewish People, as a collective, has existed for more than 5,000 years.  Throughout history, the Jews shaped their lives in accord with their shared heritage, both as individuals and as a group.  So too, they contributed to the development and preservation of the vitality of Jewish traditions, continuing to create culture, language, and religion.  From these, they developed stories, customs, ceremonies, and law that fashioned common memories and a general orientation to the world.  Indeed, it is hard to speak about the concept “Judaism” without relating to cultural heritage.  This heritage is the essence of our collective identity, and the glue that has strengthened us as a People throughout history, even as many nations, civilizations and mighty empires, rose and fell. A great strength of this heritage is its adaptability to the changing needs of Jews through different eras and in varied contexts, Jewish heritage provided the glue to keep the community together.

On this page, we have collected educational materials that explore the themes of Jewish Heritage/Morershet

Below you will find sessions and programming, texts, arts materials, and more.

Embracing Jewish civilization as a source of inspiration, ideals and values.

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