Can I be a Liberal and a Zionist? Makom launches new 3-part series

Can I be a Liberal and a Zionist? Makom launches new 3-part series

We’re excited to share that we’ve launched a new 3-part series for young people, many of whom identify as Liberals, exploring what it means to be a “Liberal” and how this interfaces with Zionism.

Drawing on fascinating historical, philosophical, and contemporary concepts and issues, the series inspires young people to think about and discuss questions such as: What are individual rights? What are collective rights? When can the two come into conflict and when can they work together? How is it possible for Israel to strike a balance between the two? Is it really possible to be a Liberal and a Zionist?

The series challenges teens to:

  • Think critically
  • Consider multiple perspectives
  • Engage in meaningful conversations

Through the series, teens develop a more multifaceted understanding of their guiding values, of Israel, and of the world at large.

Makom can teach these sessions directly to teens or can train youth leaders and educators on how to use these tools and programs.

To read an overview of the series, click here

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