The Makom Salon / מקום בסלון

In these challenging times, join us from your living room, glass in hand, for intimate conversations with intriguing voices from diverse Jewish communities.
Our first season is comprised of Coronavirus Conversations in the new global language – Zoom-ish. Join host Jonny Ariel and guests as they provide food for thought, insights and wisdom on timely and timeless topics for Jews the world over. Produced by Makom – The Education Lab of the Jewish Agency for Israel.
Hosted by: Jonny Ariel

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The Makom Salon Podcast


Dr. Miri Shlissel

Head of Pedagogical Affairs, Israel's Ministry of Education


Dr. David Bryfman

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Jewish Education Project

CoronaZionism: Values, Ventilators and Repairing the World


Dyonna Ginsburg

Executive Director of Olam


Dr. Eitan Eliram

Co-Founder of Scout innovation

Hugging and Wrestling with Israel @72​


Arnie Eisen

Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary,  (New York)


Fania Oz-Salzberger

Historian and writer, (Haifa)


Jeremy Leigh


Interwoven: when the Universal meets the Jewish in a global crisis

Freedom and Safety: Pesach for Our People in this Time​