Kaleidoscope is a multi‐dimensional exploration of Israel through a wide-angled lens: peace and politics; culture and co-existence; law and medicine; arts and science; business, finance and technology.

The program will be sophisticated and nuanced, experiential and informal. Participants will engage – creatively and critically – with some of the brightest minds and most important personalities in Israel today.


Kaleidoscope 2019:
  • Check out the draft itinerary for 2019
  • Sunday, November 3rd to Thursday, November 7th, 2019 (Note that the program starts early morning November 3rd, and ends after dinner on the 7th)
  • $1950 USD (double occupancy; flights not included) $100 off for anyone who registers by April 31, 2019.
  • Optional “wrap-around” weekends (includes accommodations and breakfast only):
    • Thursday Night, November 1st to Sunday Morning, November 3rd, 2019
    • Thursday Night, November 7th to Sunday Morning, November 9th, 2019
    • $200 USD per 2 night wrap-around per person (double occupancy)


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What’s included:
  • Accommodation & transportation, meals, logistics
  • Unique field trips, expert briefings and social and cultural events
  • Experienced guides and top educators
  • Choices of special “deep dive” sessions tailored to participants’ interests



Meet with:
  • Top Israeli and Palestinian leaders
  • Celebrated writers, judges, scientists, doctors, film-makers
  • Grassroots social activists
  • Prominent entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors
  • Senior military strategists



Kaleidoscope is not:
  • A regular “Israel tour”
  • A fundraising “mission”
  • Directional or one-dimensional



Interested in seeing what past trips have been like?



Who runs Kaleidoscope?
  • Kaleidoscope was founded by Stephen Pincus and organized by a small group of devoted volunteers. Program content is designed and delivered by:
    • Makom: Israel Education Lab of the Jewish Agency for Israel who design and execute all educational content
    • Keshet: The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel, who are responsible for all tour logistics, food and accommodations



Kaleidoscope Partnerships

Kaleidoscope offers organizations and other groups the opportunity to partner with us on regular programs or customized programs designed to suit your purposes.

For example:

  • Partnering on regular programs – several North American Jewish federations are partnering with us on Kaleidoscope November 2019
  • Customized programs:
    • we have designed a bespoke one-day “Mini-Kaleidoscope” for groups visiting Israel in early 2019
    • Habonim Dror Southern Africa are using Kaleidoscope to celebrate their 90th anniversary from October 18 to 25, 2020
    • Groups that may be interested in partnering with us include Jewish federations, JCC’s, synagogues, educational institutions and youth movements.
  • To organize a partnership with Kaleidoscope, please contact Info@KaleidoscopeIsrael.org





Contact us
  • Stephen@goodmans.ca – Stephen Pincus / Kaleidoscope Chair
  • Lynda@KaleidoscopeIsrael.org – Lynda Adler / Kaleidoscope Coordinator
  • Deon@milacq.com – Deon Kibel / Kaleidoscope, Community Partnerships Coordinator


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What Past Participants Have Said:


“Kaleidoscope was a life altering trip for me. Having been so many times to Israel, this trip opened up an entirely different exposure and one that I am most grateful for. It gave me a real insight into the complexities of Israel today from an intellectual, political, social, educational and cultural perspective. Nothing changed my love for Israel but it opened up my eyes to things I possibly didn’t want to acknowledge before. An incredibly thought provoking trip, one that I cannot stop thinking about and talking about.”   -Robyn Buchman, Chair, Israel Engagement Committee, UJA Federation of Toronto



“Kaleidoscope was a terrific program. It was intense and enlightening but also very enjoyable. The mix of events was excellent and the flow and structure were very good.” -Trevor Norwitz,  Partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, New York



The program really allowed individuals to take what they wanted from the trip. For me, it was about learning who is not included in our narrative about Israel, whether historically or presently. I also appreciated that the group was diverse in age and where participants were from. It allowed for a lot of different viewpoints. The trip to Ramallah was incredible. It put the conflict into perspective and the difficulty of finding a solution a reality.” -Madeleine Sarick, Lawyer, VP Samuel Sarick Limited Developments, President at an Egalitarian-Conservative Synagogue in Toronto



It has been my honor to be with you and to experience Israel with you and all it means. I am profoundly moved by the experience. I feel three thousand years of history tapping me on the shoulder, and it has shaken me to the core. I come away with a very positive impression of Israel and the Israeli experience… The challenges are there – the Palestinian question, discrimination, freedom of expression – but these are the challenges of a healthy society engaged in self-examination. I have one homeland and right about now I could sure use a second. You are very fortunate to have Israel as a place you can come to as your second home. “ -John Schmidt, Director, Kew Media Group, New York



An extremely educational, nuanced and insightful window into Israeli society, politics and security. Has had a significant influence in developing our understanding of Israel and what it means to us, and in so doing strengthening our relationship with it.”  -Judy Hoffman, Director of Corporate Marketing, Procter & Gamble



Kaleidoscope was spectacular. It was seamless and our Israeli team was so well organized and attentive. The program was very moving and covered many perspectives from outstanding guests.” -Robert Milne, President, Everest Mortgage & Capital Corp, Toronto



Everything about the Kaleidoscope program was superb – the team of staff, guides, and esteemed presenters provided admirable variety and a breadth of opportunities for an interesting cohort of fellow travelers to explore.  We had amazing access to articulate leaders who could address relevant issues facing Israel today based on experience and knowledge. Diverse viewpoints were provided and dialogue was respectful. Staff and guides presented historical frameworks that were very useful in understanding current issues.” -Linda Rakoff, retired social worker, Boston



This was an outstanding program. It presented a truly unique view of Israel and the issues it faces today. I was most impressed with the caliber of speakers in the program. They were simply amazing. I was particularly pleased that the organizers provided a good balance of views and perspectives; I thought the tour guides and other staff were excellent. They were very professional yet friendly.” -Byron Rakoff , Federal Aviation Administration Manager (retired), Boston