Kaleidoscope Testimonials

Kaleidoscope Testimonials

What the 2015 program participants have to say…

[These are responses to the prototype of Kaleidoscope, originally entitled “We Were Dreamers”, run by Israel Experts.]

… a life-changing experience… the trip reignited [my] passion by stimulating,  challenging and presenting options with access to thinkers, dreamers and believers of every perspective. Each day brought on a different dimension of thought, feeling and discussion… a unique experience that touched me deeply …

Dalia Margalit-Faircloth, Director, Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies of Canada

… the amazing trip you inspired …was about as transformative an event as one could imagine… immersed in the milieu, fabulous and frightening at the same time, that is Israel today… served to wake something long dormant in us… 

Peter Tollman, Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group, Boston

…we barely had time to brush our teeth between activities. We met with politicians, philosophers, military leaders, businessmen, educators, artists, authors, historians and film makers, Jewish and Muslim, Christian and Palestinian.  CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, entrepreneurs who represent cutting edge technologies  in Israel and abroad. The only constant was that we were constantly surprised. Even the bus became a platform to educate, discuss and share our experiences with one another..

Gene Teeger, Architect and Visual Arts Teacher, Leo Baeck Day School, Toronto

we gained a much deeper appreciation for the complexity of Israel… and the challenges ahead… young enough to still dream, experienced enough to separate dreams from reality… we found everyone informed, open and engaging.  It was a privilege for us to go…

Adam Shepherd, Executive Vice-President, The Kilmer Group, Toronto

…a critical and timely look at Israeli society, culture, politics and economics… a trip that crammed 10 days’ worth of insightful content into half that time…  a treat not only for the head, but for the heart as well…

David Seligman, CEO, Worldwide Capital, Johannesburg

…we were afforded privileged access to high profile speakers that reflect the gamut of current Israeli (and Palestinian) political, social and economic thinking… in this very special, insightful and informative experience…

Harris Blass, Chief Operating Officer, Mobilium Global

..the program exposed us to Israeli issues that we had never before had the opportunity to engage with on a meaningful level… and our West Bank visit was a total eye opener… All in all, an experience that has appreciably raised our level of understanding of Israeli issues and certainly not to be missed…

Theodore Yach, Head of Acquisitions, Zenprop Property Holdings (and international champion long-distance swimmer)

… I saw it as an opportunity to learn, reconnect and engage without commitment. On all those fronts, the trip exceeded expectations: expertly organized and led, in the company of thoughtful people whose life experiences … brought a complex mix of rich flavours to the Dreamers’ brew…

Richard Schwartz, Founding Editor, Philanthropy Management Magazine, London

…The program was diverse, rich, relevant, provocative, challenging and of an extremely high quality… which yielded tremendous results and will have long term impact…

Raymond Schkolne, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sanlam, Cape Town

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