Jewish Eco Seminars’ Approach

Jewish Eco Seminars’ Approach

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Understanding and Protecting the Land


How often have you walked through the streets of an Israeli city and noticed trash on the ground? Or heard about the shrinking water in the Sea of Galilee, or Dead Sea? Or met an Israeli who didn’t know what composting is? Probably too many times. Unfortunately, many Israelis have a ways to go when it comes to environmental awareness.

Environmentalism: A Jewish Issue?

Many Jewish texts point toward an environmentalist ethic. We have the value of “Bal Tashchit” – not wasting – from the Talmud; “hilchot schechenim” – not polluting the public sphere, or our neighbors areas; and of course, G-d’s mandate from Genesis to “L’ovdah ul’shomra” – to work and protect the land.

Want to Make a Difference?

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To arrange for a Jewish Eco Seminar in your institution or community, contact Rabbi Yonatan Neril, founder and director of Jewish Eco Seminars, at or 054-723-4973 (Israel-line) or 973-433-3322 (US-line).


Jewish Eco Seminars’ Approach

Jewish Eco Seminars is a Jerusalem-based organization that engages and educates the Jewish community through inspiring seminars on Jewish environmental wisdom.  It bolsters Jewish educators’ awareness and knowledge of Jewish environmental teachings and empowers them to teach Israel-focused Jewish environmental programming. In addition, it connects Jewish youth concerned about the planet’s future to Jewish teachings on the subject.





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