Makom's New Israeli Playlist

We’re excited to share with you our New Israeli Playlist – a curated collection of contemporary Israeli music.

Through our playlist, you’ll be able to see and explore Israel through new eyes – the eyes of some of Israel’s finest artists.

What’s included?

  • A range of Israeli music videos, with our English subtitles (approved by the artists, and with their full permission to use).
  • A short video guide for each song, taking you through its context, its references, and offering you questions for contemplation or group discussion at the end.
  • A printable guide for each song, primarily for those who wish to teach or run an event around the song.
  • An example of contemporary Israeli visual art that connects with the themes and narrative of the music.
  • A fascinating interview with Ehud Banai about his music, and what it reveals about the Israel he sees.

Enjoy, and stay tuned as we continue to add new songs and resources!

Israel Through the Songs of Ehud Banai

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Video Guide Overview of the Israel of Ehud Banai

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Video: Ehud Banai Talks With Makom About His Music