Introduction to Ksharim

Introduction to Ksharim

Click here to download the complete Introductory pdf to Ksharim

Ksharim – Written by Rabbi Dr. Marc Rosenstein

The following curriculum was written in its entirety by Rabbi Dr. Marc Rosenstein in a joint development project of the Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and the Jewish Agency’s NACIE/Makōm unit.

Initially, this material was taught by Rabbi Dr. Rosenstein remotely for classes in Pittsburgh, Palm Beach, and Philadelphia. In its second round, the material was taught by local scholars and educators.

The motivation behind this curriculum was to create an all-encompassing learning experience for educators which fully addressed the place of Israel across all areas of Jewish life: from Israel in the bible, to Jewish holidays, Jewish history, liturgy, life cycle events, contemporary issues, and beyond. In light of the reality that today more than ever, as Jews are distancing themselves from Israel, it is ever more pressing for teachers, rabbis, and other community leaders to have comprehensive tools and resources for teaching Israel to adults.

The finished product represents an in-depth yet broad encounter with Israel throughout all aspects of Jewish text and Jewish life.


Esti Moskovitz-Kalman                            Sue Linzer & Michael Fisher

Education Unit – Makōm                         The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh


Click here to download the complete Introductory pdf to Ksharim

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