AmiUnity: What’s it all about?

AmiUnity: What’s it all about?


Launched in 2017, the Jewish Agency AmiUnity initiative seeks to:

  • Foster understanding of Jewish life outside of Israel and introduce Israelis to the vitality and diversity of Jewish life and its challenges.
  • Strengthen Israeli commitment to Jewish peoplehood and to Israel as the national home for all Jews.
  • Encourage a local Jewish Israeli culture that is enriched by a strong connection to world Jewry and that sees Jewish peoplehood as a key component of the local identity.

Through AmiUnity, we’ve created partnerships and initiated educational processes with senior educators in the Ministry of Education, the National Councils for the Youth Movements and Organizations, and Pre-Army Academies.

For the past three years, Makom, together with our partners, have been tasked with developing the educational strategy and content for the educational processes of AmiUnity.

To deepen and strengthen the impact of this work, we focus on reaching diverse groups within Israeli society and on training the trainers so that the peoplehood curriculum is embedded within the organizations with whom we partner.

We provide immersive experiences, curriculum training and development, and tailored mentorship/educational training.

Some highlights of our work in 2019-2020 include:

  • Leading a delegation of 49 Israeli school principals who traveled with us to New York to learn about Jewish life and education in North America.
  • Providing one-on-one mentorship to 45 Israeli school principals on how to create a Jewish-peoplehood oriented school.
  • Running intensive Jewish peoplehood training programs for 30 youth leaders.

By ensuring that Israelis learn about the tapestry of Jewish life, we help increase interest in the global Jewish community, and foster commitment as well as tolerance and inclusiveness.

Teaching about Jewish diversity strengthens the bonds that tie the world Jewish family together and grows our unity as a people.

In the long term, as we impact the discourse in Israel, Israelis’ own Jewish identities will be strengthened too.

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