Haviv Rettig Gur, journalist

Haviv Rettig Gur, journalist

War is messy, but it can also be clarifying. Arab world schisms, Hamas’s proud use of human shields, Iron Dome’s efficacy, Netanyahu’s endless efforts at restraint — all these only became clear because the conflict forced choices on its participants.

In that same vein, the most important thing at a time like this that Israel needs from Diaspora Jewry, and Diaspora Jewry from Israel, is clarity, the making of choices.

If you support Israel against its enemies (who are also, in this case, the enemies of any Palestinian future worth living in) make it abundantly known in every medium you can access.

If war inspires a sense of belonging — again, by clarifying through ordeal where the roots of one’s identity lie — then join Israel. Make aliyah, now, during the conflict. This does not mean leaving your current home, but simply adopting the second home, where your people live and struggle, to help see them through the war. It means telling Israelis that when they face their enemies, they have at their backs the strategic depth of the love and brotherhood of Jews everywhere.

These are simple acts, born in the clarity forced upon us by conflict, but all the more profound for their simplicity.

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