Guiding questions for Elohay

Guiding questions for Elohay

  • When writing, we may also hesitate between G-d, or inserting the ‘o’… Do you share the singer’s discomfort with naming G-d? Do you find yourself searching for other words or concepts that fit your understanding better?
  • What does ‘basically fine’ mean? In what way do you see yourself as ‘basically fine’?

If you were to look at Israel, would you say that Israel is ‘basically fine’?

  • Have you experienced extremism or intolerance on your Jewish journey? What are your opinions? Have you heard of any examples of religious extremism or intolerance in Israel? Do you appreciate the degree to which this issue is pivotal in shaping Israeli society?
  • Kobi conjured up the idea of the Land of  Israel as a ‘great, or large, synagogue’. What does this image do for the way you  relate to Israel? Would you choose an alternative image to sum up what Israel means for you? Is it significant that the phrase is ‘Land’ of Israel, and not ‘State’ of Israel?

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