Thinking about Haredim in Israel

Thinking about Haredim in Israel

What is the place of Haredim in Israel? Is the status quo sustainable? If not, how should it change? On February 27th Makom presented “Haredim and the Jewish Collective” for the Global Jewish Forum of the Jewish Agency. Here you can find much of the thinking, materials, planning, and videos that went into making it such a successful gathering.

Our research for the Global Jewish Forum on Haredim and the Jewish Collective was enlightening. Over the next few weeks we shall be presenting here all the materials that we feel may shed some light on the complexities of the subject. We look forward to hearing your responses.

Here we present the video Makom created for the Global Jewish Forum in Jerusalem.


Some time before declaring himself as a political candidate, writer and broadcaster Yair Lapid spoke to the Haredi track of Kiryat Ono College. We felt the speech was worth translating…

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