Global Jewish Forum Feb 2012 – Program

Global Jewish Forum Feb 2012 – Program

Haredim and the Jewish Collective: Engaging with voices from the field

0915 Opening, and introduction from Yonatan Ariel, Makom
0930 Round tables – Introducing yourselves to your table
0945 Dr Neri Horowitz: Haredim in Israel – the Overview

The leading expert in strategy and policy concerning Haredim in the modern world, who consults both to the Israeli government and to Haredi leaders. His breadth of reach, depth of knowledge, and positive approach is inspiring. Questions and answers will follow.

1045 Break
1100 Round tables – any surprises? Any further questions?
1115 VIDEO – What is to be done? Voices from the field

Specially-prepared video featuring a range of voices: including R. Yehuda Meshi Zahav (ZAKA), Naomi Perl (Haredi track, Mandel Leadership Institute), Richard Peres (Education Portfolio, Bet Shemesh), R. Bezalel Cohen (advisor to Haredi army unit) These voices bring us inside the issues, into an engagement with the real work that is taking place. Who are the pragmatists? What are the principles? Should we stand on principle and insist on change, or look at what is possible and support gradual processes?

Round table discussions – time to process responses.

1215 Town Hall Meeting – Should this activate the Diaspora? If so, how?

Activists and leaders throughout the Jewish world share their thoughts and plans on dialogue, education, hopefulness and urgency. Roving microphones allow for your voices to be heard!

1315 Round tables – concluding thoughts
1325 Onward to action

Natan Sharansky and Shoel Silver draw the proceedings to their close, and point to the ongoing work of the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the Committee on the Unity of the Jewish People, taking place later in the day.

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