4HQ Moishe House Final Webinar

4HQ Moishe House Final Webinar


Hi there!

This final webinar is a combination of a video “lesson”, and your assignments.


Please watch the video! It lasts just under 40 minutes. You can watch it when you want, in one go or in installments. Then come the three tasks:

Task 1:

In our shared Google Drive “4HQ Israel Cohort 1”, you’ll find the folder “Final Webinar and Assignments”. Please go to the “Love, Frustrates, Confuses” folder. There you will find the 4HQ chart in whichever format you prefer.

Your job is to write in your love/frustrates/confuses choice into the chart itself, placing your choices where you think they should be located. For example, if what you love about Israel is the Galilee area, you would write “I love the Galilee area” in the section of IN OUR LAND…

Once you have done this, please upload your finished chart back to the “Love, Frustrates, Confuses” folder. Please do this before July 28th. Our opening day will work with everyone’s charts. If you are unable to upload your chart, please print it out and bring it with you.

Task 2:

Do you ever think about your security? (To Be) Do you find yourself obsessing about American values and ways of behaving? (People) Is your place very important to you? (Land)

Your job is to rank the way you see life. From 0 to 10, please rank the relative importance of the four questions to the way you see America, and the way you see Israel.

Simply go into this chart, put in your name, and get ranking!

Please complete this ranking by July 28th. This chart will form a central part of several sessions through the trip.

Task 3:

Any session you would like to see happen on the trip? We have a few slots that we’ve deliberately left open for your choices. Take a look at the itinerary as it stands. Then take a look at the list of optional sessions we could try to add – put your name down for any sessions you’d like to attend, and feel free to add your  ideas for sessions as well!

Please complete this by 21st July, so we’ll have time to prepare.

We make no promises, but we’ll attempt to accommodate your wishes!


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