Exploring Rabbi Joe Cappara

Exploring Rabbi Joe Cappara

Rabbi Joe Kappara

by Kobi Oz and Danny Recht

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Between the mountains and the rocks
A righteous angel lives well
A car and two houses
The holy spiritis a business for him
A long line of the whole clan
Requesting a blessing or two
For health and for work(1)Rabbi Joe Kappara
Agonay megiman hu (2)Tu tu you calledFrom dust he’ll raise up a king
Tu tu you called
Od avinu alive or dead?
Tu tu you called
There’s no one greater,no one like you Every blind man now can see
Where the money flows
Every sheep needs a herder
Who speaks so fluently
He asks and there is an answer
Calls the heavens on the phone
He gives you hopeThe Holy Joe Kappara  Agonay megiman hu
Tu tu you called
From dust he’ll raise up a king
Tu tu you called
Od avinu mah nishma?
Tu tu you called
There’s no one great,no one like you
Who is the Torah Great?
Rabbi Joe Kappara
Who heals all the barren?
Holy Joe Kappara
He saved many people
From demons and the evil eye
He is an expert in kabbala (3)
Rabbi Joe Kappara 
Agonay megiman hoo
Tu tu you called… 

בֵּין הָרִים וּבֵּין סְלָעִיםחַי צַדִּיק מַלְאָךְ בְּחֶסֶדמְכוֹנִית וּשְנֵי בָּתִיםהַשְכִינָה אֶצְלוֹ זֶה עֵסֶקתּוֹר אָרוֹךְ כָּל הָעֵדָהמְבַקְשִׁים בְּרָכָה אוֹ שְׁתַּיִיםגַם בְּרִיאוּת גַם עֲבוֹדָה
הָרַבִּי ג’וֹ כַּפָּרָהאֲגוֹנָי מָגִינָם הוּאטוּ טוּ קָרָאתָמֵעָפָר יָרִים מֶלֶךְ
טוּטוּ קָרָאתָ
עוֹד אָבִינוּ חַי אוֹ מֵתטוּטוּ קָרָאתָ
אֵין גָדוֹל אֵין כָּמוֹךָ
טוּטוּ קָרָאתָ  כָּל עִיוֵור עַכְשָׁיו רוֹאֶהלְהֵיכָן זוֹרֵם הַכֶּסֶףכָּל כִּבְשָׂה צְרִיכָה רוֹעֶהשֶנוֹאֵם יָפֶה בְּרֶצֶף
הוּא שׁוֹאֵל וְיֵש תְשוּבָה
מְטַלְפֵּן אֶל הַשָמַיִיםהוּא נוֹתֵן לְךָ תִקְוָוההַקָדוֹשׁ ג’וֹ כַּפָּרָה  אֲגוֹנָי מָגִינָם הוּאטוּ טוּ קָרָאתָ
מֵעָפָר יָרִים מֶלֶךְ
טוּטוּ קָרָאתָ
עוֹד אָבִינוּ מַה נִשְמָע?
טוּטוּ קָרָאתָ
אֵין גָדוֹל אֵין כָּמוֹךָטוּ טוּ קָרָאתָ   מִי הַגָּדוֹל שֶבַּתּוֹרָה?
הָרַבִּי ג’וֹ כַּפָּרָהמִי מְרַפֵּא כָּל עֲקָרָה?
הַקָדוֹש ג’וֹ כַּפָּרָה
הוּא הִצִיל אֲנָשִים רַבִּים מִשֵדִים וְעַיִן הָרַע
הוּא מוּמְחֶה בְּקַבָּלָה
הָרַבִּי ג’וֹ כַּפָּרָהאֲגוֹנָי מָגִינָם הוּא
טוּ טוּ קָרָאתָ….  

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  1. This song was the first hit of Kobi’s earlier band Teapacks in 1992. 18 years on, the song has the same satirical sting, and is as relevant as ever. He sings of the Israeli phenomenon of Rabbis, Kabbalists, and Holy Men who make their fortune selling their spiritual/magical services to believers.
  2. The word ‘agonai’ is used, instead of the word for God that is used in the R. Shlomo Carlebach song that is being referred to.
  3. Kabbalah, the Jewish spiritual practice, is also the Hebrew word for a receipt, and for ‘receiving’…

Guiding questions for Rabbi Joe Cappara

“Every sheep needs a shepherd”

While this is difficult to question with regards livestock, do you believe this is the case when talking about humans? Do we all need a leader?

“He gives you hope”

Is there anything wrong with offering hope to those in need?

  • What do you see as the ideal qualities of a leader?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where a leader has disappointed, or even cheated his or her followers? Did the responsibility lie solely with the leader, or also with those being led?
  • Would you say that your community is well-led? Or does it lack leaders? Or does it lack those willing to be led?

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