It Takes a Village: From Gondar to Jerusalem – Photographic exhibition

It Takes a Village: From Gondar to Jerusalem – Photographic exhibition

Since 1929, the Jewish Agency has addressed the most critical challenges facing the Jewish people, real-time – anytime, anyplace. We bring Jews from forgotten, often embattled, corners of the earth to Israel. Safeguarding our people is a central pillar of our work.

Ethiopia’s Jews have been a priority for us since the first major wave of Ethiopian immigration began in 1984 with Operation Moses and continued in 1991 with Operation Solomon. Today, Israel’s Ethiopian immigrant population is estimated at 120,000 – 15,000 of them children born in Israel.

In December 2010, the the State of Israel appointed the Jewish Agency to complete – over the course of 3 years – the immigration of Ethiopia’s approximately 8,000 remaining Jews (the Falash Mura) from the poverty, anti-Semitism, disease, and instability characterizing life in Africa to a better life among their people, in Israel.

To meet this monumental undertaking, the Agency assumed the operation of the Gondar facility, where we provide basic care and Aliyah preparation. Our next challenge is absorbing these new immigrants – many of whom are illiterate and unfamiliar with Western life – into Israeli society.

We hope to conclude Ethiopian Aliyah by 2014.

It Takes a Village: From Gondar to Jerusalem – The Remarkable Journey of Ethiopia’s Jews

is a photographic retrospective, documenting the process of forgotten Jews taking the final steps along their journey home.

If you or your organisation are interested in bringing this Photo Exhibition to your own community in order to support the Completing the Journey campaign, please contact:
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