Elections 2015 – The Makom Dilemma Cards

Elections 2015 – The Makom Dilemma Cards


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First of all, print out the cards, double-sided.


How to play:

  1. Read out your card, for everyone to hear.
  2. Each card ends with a question. Your job is to give the most coherent explanation and answer to the question.
  3. One other person in the group is allowed to argue against you.
  4. The whole group votes as to whether they agree with you or not.

[If playing the game just with the cards: Each vote counts as a point. Only votes in favor of the card-holder are counted, not the votes against. The winner is the one who ends up with the greatest number of points.]

[If playing the game as part of a board game: If you lose the vote, move backwards the number of spaces you lost the vote by. If you won the vote, move forwards the number of spaces you won the vote by. i.e. – if you lost the vote 3-1, you move backwards two spaces. If you won the vote 4-3, you move forwards one space.]

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