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Educational Materials

We recommend taking a look at the video on the Makom Matrix: it sets a useful context for our work. Beyond this, we have divided our materials into age cohorts: Schools/Camp, Campus, and Adults. We are constantly adding material to these sections – keep checking back!

Conceptual Frames

We like to think that Israel Engagement thinking can’t be summarized in a couple of tweets, and we also believe that a few great lessons or programs do not a transformation make. Sometimes a framework is needed, or a different way of thinking. Here we have gathered, and will continue to gather, our longer articles and though-pieces about Israel and Israel engagement.

Arts Resources
The Israeli popular arts offer us a perfect tool and vehicle for Israel engagement. Celebrating complexity, embracing multi-vocality, touching both head and heart, the potential is huge. We are constantly adding to these resources – keep checking back!

Below you can also find all the materials posted that have been earmarked for your interest.