Educator Specific Training Workshops

Many Jewish communities struggle with talking openly about Israel. From synagogues to schools, campuses and JCCs, from generation X to Y to Z, Israel has shifted from inspiring to overwhelming, from identity-forming to identity-challenging, from harmony to incendiary.

Some fear destructive controversy in a polarized community. A few are not confident in their ability to facilitate encounters about Israel with authority. Most report that they lack tools to express their own deep and complex relationship with Israel, let alone empower others to do so.

Makom has developed the approach to free our leaders to guide their communities in a multi-layered, honest, and constructive relationship with Israel.

The Four Hatikvah Questions (4HQ) Project provides community leaders and professionals with a way to assess the place of Israel in their institutions, to sharpen their own thoughts and feelings, re-align practices, and – most importantly – structure programming that allows for both sophistication and passion.

Makom can offer a short introductory workshop in 4HQ work, and can also run a full-day or multi-day intensive training seminars, both in person and virtually.

Rooted in the The Four Hatikva Questions (4HQ) educational model, our Israel Educator Training Workshops provide an easily communicable, easily replicable, and easy-to-implement way to enable Jews of all ages to grasp the nature of Israel in modern Jewish life. Makom offers training seminars for communities, organizations and educational institutions built and customized according to specific needs, which enables educations to facilitate conversations and create and teach customized lessons.

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