TalkSpace Israel

TalkSpace – Creating a place on campus for meaningful conversation about Israel

Talkspace is a ten-session course developed for students and young adults. Ideal for post-birthrighters, this course digs deeper into Israel and Jewish identity. Demanding yet engaging, activities involve multi-media, discussion, and values exploration. Talkspace has already been implemented very successfully in several Hillel’s in North America.

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Table of Contents

  1. Israel As We See It: Establishing a Baseline of Personal Connections to Israel
  2. Land & People: Connection & Ambivalence
  3. Our Jewishness & the Jewishness of Israelis: Can Judaism Be Defined?
  4. Beyond Israel: Zionism‘s Impact on Jewishness Everywhere
  5. Immigration & Growth: Dreams & Realities
  6. Standing, Not Singing: Israeli Arabs, Hatikvah, and Symbol-Making in the Jewish State
  7. L’Dor va-Dor, From Generation to Generation: Presence of The Conflict in Israeli Society
  8. Israel and the Diaspora(s): Centers and Peripheries of Jewish Life and Thought
  9. Israel Towards the Next Sixty: Old and New Challenges of the 21st Century
  10. Wrapping Up & Moving On: Israel in Our Lives