Dr Rinnat Porat, Mandel School for Educational Leadership

Dr Rinnat Porat, Mandel School for Educational Leadership

Time of crisis and war are times of distress where solidarity and mutuality between different aspects of the Jewish People are tested.

This is also the time to put disagreements to one side and postpone arguments and commit to coming together.

In this situation Jews around the world can be conscripted to “reserve duty” – each to their own path – everyone according to their ability. There are those who will place a hand into their pocket and offer material support to the IDF and those communities in the conflict region. There will be those who will put on the communications hat and get involved in pro-Israel advocacy, others will write op eds in local newspapers and another in social media, and there are those who will go out into the streets and wave signs of support.

The two-way paths that connect Jews of the Diaspora and Israel are already laid down, now what remains is for each traveler to make their choice: if, and when to walk along them.

Not to do anything, to burrow down or to ignore the issue challenges possibilities for the umbrella of Jewish Peoplehood to offer protection over us all.

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