Creating a team

Creating a team

As the executive producer of the your event you will need to form a team of people you trust to handle various aspects of the engagement. While many people (including yourself) may not be a professional full time producer/booking agent/promoters – it should not be too difficult to divide the time and work needed to complete the tasks ahead of you. In some cases you or your team will need to wear more than one hat in the production.

Executive Producer

Your title for all purposes – responsible for acquiring the talent, signing contracts, bringing on partners, venders, and additional team members. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. Bottom line – you are in control, however it also means everyone looks to you for answers especially when things don’t go as expected!

Technical Producer/Stage Manager

This person will typically be someone that has at least something of a small background in the technical aspects of a live concert – in many instances it will be the venue representative where you will hold the event. In others it will be the sound man you will hire to work the sound mixing board for the band. This person should understand the technical needs of a live concert performance, eg. how to set up a stage lights, where the amplifies go, how much a drum kit costs, and most importantly how to read a technical rider.


You cannot produce an event with out the right PR/Marketing team member on board. This person will be responsible for creating the brand and impressions with in your community in order to reach a critical threshold of interest in the act and event you are producing. Typically, a PR person will develop and then implement a strategic marketing plan to generate “noise” so that everybody knows your event is happening, but more importantly, this marketing campaign should compel them to buy their tickets to your event early and not just one ticket… but a couple more for their friends!


This person is the practical team member that will be able to organize excel sheets/budgets and figure out times, costs, distances, and all of your production variables. From transporting the band’s gear, to arranging the accommodations for the artists, and paying the venue and venders for their service. A good logistics person means the difference between being totally stressed out on the day of the show or being able to sit back and enjoy a good amount of the performance yourself, because you took care of everything in advance.

Sponsorship/Business Relations

Lets face it – having a good sponsorship person on board will help you develop the relationships you need to minimize your costs and risk. Getting key businesses and patrons to support your event will make it easier in so many ways. We will discuss how to tie in cross promoting brands where you are not just asking for support from sponsors, but rather giving them value by cross promoting their brands with your event. The more sponsorship you have, the bigger and better your event will be.

Education coordinator

The moment you are choosing to bring in an Israeli act, you have both a financial and communal interest in promoting the event with the educational establishment. This person will make sure that all the Jewish schools know about the show, will run programming around the band’s music in local clubs, and will even help with fund-raising from the more educationally minded.

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